GIF Video

C821A9EF-402A-4456-8D16-D40052EB7430For my GIF, I decided to make my video be of a cloudy sky that begins to rains then storm, and there is eventually a rainbow and sun that comes out at the end. I set up this scene by cutting out pieces of paper that I could move around the scene, such as the clouds, rain drops, lightening, sun, and rainbow. I set my camera up on a stack of books to be able to keep the location of the pictures the same each time. I slowly moved each raindrop a little bit further down, and took a picture. I did the same thing with the other objects in the frame. By slowly moving each item and taking a picture, it created a GIF video. I used several rules of composition, such as avoid distractions and get close, in my video. I only focused my pictures on what I wanted to be in the frame, and got close to my GIF scene I set up. I also used the elements of art, such as shape and color. I cut out organic shapes that I wanted to appear in my video. I also used specific colors that I thought would fit well with my scene. I used several principles of design, such as movement and proportion. I made my cut out pieces of paper in relative size to one another, and slowly moved them and took pictures to make a video. I incorporated my voice as an artist through having the creative freedom to make what I wanted with this GIF. I had control over how I wanted the camera angled, how I wanted to mod things around, etc. The message of my GIF is that there things may be difficult at the times but there will always be a rainbow that comes after the storm. I thought one of my strengths in this assignment was my idea, and message behind my GIF. If I were to do this assignment again, I would have been more careful when I was moving pieces of paper around, so I could make the video look more smooth.

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